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 *In Tolkien's tale it took all Melkor's balrogs to beat back Ungoliant, A world or two away, however, the Mother of Spiders was just a bit faster and snatched him up before he could scream for help. Which is why the Great Enemy of all free peoples is currently hanging half out of Her maw, a great tongue soaking his legs with saliva and venom as She sucks at him like a giant, squirmy jawbreaker.

*If he doesn't talk fast, She'll probably gulp him down in a minute of two. If he's very lucky She'll spit out his armor first; less lucky and he'll have to wait for Her stomach acid to eat through it before succumbing. If he really, really isn't lucky She won't swallow him until he passes out from exhaustion, which can take a long time indeed for such as he. And Ungoliant has been known to play with Her food . . .

*But perhaps that's a good thing. There's really no other reason that She would listen to what dinner has to say.*
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 Since She only gets a few pages devoted to Her in canon, most of Her personality, origins and fate are of my own creation. So here we go.
  • Ungoliant is not a being of Eru. She is basically a Lovecraftian entity that wandered into Eru's creation and then back out again, though She may be akin the the nameless things that gnaw the world under Moria.
  • Ungoliant is a thing of darkness and change, but not stupid and exactly evil. She ate the Two Trees, but not their last fruit/flowers. She would have eaten Melkor if she'd been allowed. Her motives are both simpler and more complex than mere evil. She is in some ways a symbol of renewal as well as destruction.
  • Ungoliant is not entirely spider in form. Her shape is somewhat fluid, like a shadow, and She has aspects of many arthropods: a basic spider shape is augmented with scorpion stingers, ichneumon wasp oviposition, mantis claws and the like when needed.
  • Ungoliant is a devoted, if disturbing, mother. Of course, this mostly means that She will kill gods to feed Her young if she can.
  • Ungoliant is always hungry, but humanoids have relatively little to fear from Her save being crushed by accident: they are too small for Her to bother with eating these days.
  • Ungoliant is actually rather kind to mortals and other beings too small for Her to eat, on the rare occasions that She notices them.
  • Ungoliant's Unlight is far more than a mere shadow; it is an actual light with inverted properties, and it destroys any regular light it touches. She can see perfectly in Unlight, and finds its Uncolors beautiful.


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